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This course provides a comprehensive overview of the FCPA, a U.S. federal law known for two of its main provisions–accounting transparency and bribery of foreign officials. As institutions widen their global work and participate in international partnerships and payments, understanding the FCPA becomes especially important. The course provides learners with an introduction to the FCPA, an understanding of FCPA violations, and mitigation and monitoring best practices. Additionally, the course discusses significant overseas activities that can affect organizations, particularly universities and research organizations. It includes a digestible outline of the act, strategies to avoid violations, case studies, quizzes, and additional resources.

Course Benefits

  • Provides learners with an easy to digest summary of the FCPA and how it may apply to their institution’s international and research activities.
  • Offers specific mitigation and monitoring strategies you and your institution can take to avoid FCPA violations.
  • Includes a module specifically for those involved or interested in international research.


Researchers, Research Administrators, General Counsel, Finance Professionals, University Accountants, Graduate Students, Lawyers, University Legal Teams, University Leadership, International Affairs Staff, Compliance Professionals, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Administrators, Faculty

Meet the Author

Wendy Epley, MSc (RTC), ECoP (EAR & ITAR) – Epley Consulting LLC
Wendy Epley is certified as an Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) in both the EAR and ITAR and holds a Master of Science degree in Regulatory Trade Compliance. She has established trade compliance programs at two top tier universities and is well known among her peers.