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This course provides fundamental training for the use of lasers and laser systems in research and medical institutions. A crucial piece of every laser safety program is the knowledge, by each individual working with or near lasers, of the hazards faced and the ways in which the work can be performed safely. It includes a review of basic laser concepts, specific types of lasers and their uses, hazard evaluations and classifications, potential biological effects and mechanisms of injury, safety practices and protective measures, and regulations. Completion of this course will empower the learner to create and maintain a positive culture of laser safety at their institution.


Clinical Investigators, Faculty, Nurses, Physicians, Researchers, Staff, Technicians, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Meet the Author

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Zachariah Tribbett, CHP, CLSO, MA – Yale University

Zachariah is a radiation professional with over a decade of experience specializing in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation use in academic institutions. He is active in professional societies promoting the development of future generations of radiation professionals and participates in the creation of non-ionizing safety policies in the United States.