New Course – Undue Foreign Influence: Risks and Mitigations

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The impact of undue foreign influence in research, particularly at universities, remains a concern for U.S. federal officials and university administrators. This course provides university faculty, students, and others involved in international engagement with a concise overview of the risks and mitigations associated with undue foreign influence.

Course Benefits

  • Provides learners with an overview of key concepts related to claims of undue foreign influence on the U.S. academic and research environment.
  • Includes an in-depth discussion on reporting requirements, U.S. government actions, and effective university practices that address undue foreign influence.
  • Explores the role of cybersecurity practices, federal security and control regulations, and data privacy laws.
  • Offers strategies to ensure that compliance with certain technology control and security requirements does not conflict with nondiscrimination laws.
  • Case studies and examples help reinforce key topics discussed throughout the course.


University Officials, Faculty, Research Team Members, Principal Investigators, Staff, Students

Meet the Authors

  • Patrick Briscoe – University of Minnesota
    Pat Briscoe is the Export Controls and International Projects Officer for the University of Minnesota. His career in export controls reaches back to the late 1990s, and has included positions in private legal practice, the defense industry, and academia.

  • Marci Copeland, MBA – University of California
    Marci Copeland has been with the University of California (UC) system for thirteen years and is currently Associate Director Export Control. In that role she supports best practices, training and assessment of the UC system-wide export control compliance program.

  • Allen A. DiPalma, MBA – The University of Pittsburgh
    Allen A. DiPalma has worked in academic research compliance and sponsored projects for the past 29 years. He is currently the Director of the Office of Trade Compliance for the University of Pittsburgh where he is responsible for overseeing export controls, imports, visitor vetting, and drones.

  • Mary Duarte Millsaps, CRA, ECoP® (EAR & ITAR) – Purdue University
    Mary Duarte Millsaps is the director of research information assurance for Purdue University. She manages established compliance programs related to the security of research information that, either due to federal law or contractual obligation, is subject to greater controls. She has oversight of the University’s Export Control compliance program.

  • Wayne L. Mowery, Jr., Esq – The Pennsylvania State University
    Wayne L. Mowery, Jr. is the Senior Director of Compliance, University Export Compliance Officer, and Empowered Official for The Pennsylvania State University (“Penn State”). Wayne is an honors graduate of Dartmouth College and The Dickinson School of Law. Prior to joining Penn State, Wayne practiced law in central Pennsylvania.