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This webinar provides a layperson overview of how blockchains began, types of blockchains, and how they work. It also presents how the characteristics and benefits of blockchains are useful beyond cryptocurrency. The module concludes with use cases in higher education including student records, reverse transfer, and peer reviews.


Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the history of blockchain
  • Explain blockchain characteristics that have led to its usefulness beyond cryptocurrency
  • Identify use cases in higher education
  • Review initiatives fostering the use of blockchain in higher education



University Administrators, Faculty


Meet the Presenter

Kerri Lemoie, MA – Concentric Sky
Kerri Lemoie is the Director of Digital Credentials Research & Innovation at Concentric Sky. She is an expert in web technology, including decentralized technologies and standards such as verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers. As a PhD Candidate at Fielding Graduate University her research is focused on blockchain-backed self-sovereign identity.