New Webinar – Data Management and Security for Student Researchers: An Overview

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This presentation provides an overview of data management and security for student researchers at the graduate level and discusses best practices to use in securing research data. The webinar provides an overview of the basic principles governing data. Additionally, the webinar also discusses best practices related to the protection and confidentially of research data and concludes with a review of situations in which research data might need extra security protections.



Researchers, Higher Education Administrators, Students, Postdocs


Meet the Presenter

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Mariette Marsh, MPA, CIP, CHPC, CHRC – University of Arizona

Mariette Marsh is the Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Safety at the University of Arizona. She holds a masters degree in public policy and is certified in IRB, HIPAA, and hospital research compliance. She serves as a site reviewer for the Association of Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP).