New Webinar – Healthcare Robot Ethics: Human-Robot Interaction & Human Well-Being

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This webinar introduces ethical issues surrounding using robots for in-person and remote healthcare delivery, including healthcare provided in hospitals, long-term care facilities, doctors’ offices, and other therapeutic settings. As we identify and examine ethical issues, we will consider the impact of using robots on various stakeholders, including patients, patients’ family members and guardians, healthcare workers, and non-clinical staff. We will focus on the impact of human-robot interaction (HRI) on people’s relationships with robots and other humans. The webinar also analyzes ethical decisions about the design and use of robots used in healthcare settings.



Clinical Investigators, Researchers/Key Study Personnel, Students, University Faculty & Post Docs


Meet the Presenter

Content Contributor yvette pearson

Presented by: Yvette Pearson, PhD – Old Dominion University

Yvette Pearson, PhD, is a Professor of Philosophy and Interim Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives at Old Dominion University. She is an award-winning teacher and has published articles on a variety of topics, including robot ethics, reproductive ethics, ethical issues in genetics, and crisis management ethics.