New Webinar – How to Implement Trauma-Informed Care: An Introduction

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A trauma-informed approach realizes the widespread impact of trauma, recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma, integrates knowledge of trauma into policies and procedures, and resists secondary re-traumatization. This approach can improve engagement, treatment adherence, and even health outcomes.

This webinar focuses on how to implement trauma-informed care to better engage with clients, patients, and/or students as well as support staff and promote resilience. The webinar provides learners with a framework and practical strategies to implement trauma-informed practices within their organizations.



Clinical Investigators, Faculty, Higher Education Administrators, IACUC Administrators, IBC Administrators, IRB Administrators, Researchers, Staff, Students


Meet the Presenter

Elise Suna, MSEd, LMFT
Elise is a licensed psychotherapist located in Florida. She is an expert on trauma and trauma-informed care. She has trained over 500 healthcare workers, teachers, counselors, and other practitioners on trauma-informed practices. Additionally, she helps individuals and couples in her practice who are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, and trauma.