New Webinar – Research Equity and the Part We Play

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There is recent attention from regulators, industry, and researchers to the need for diverse enrollment of subjects into clinical trials. However, large segments of the population are commonly underrepresented. This skewing of trial populations threatens the rigor and generalizability of research results. This webinar explores strategies to address the inequities that exist within research practices to ensure the ethical inclusion of subjects in clinical trials. These include incorporating research equity by design, enlisting ethical recruitment and retainment practices, building trust and transparency, and seeking subject empowerment.


Clinical Investigators, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), IRB Members, Research Administrators, Researchers, Sponsors

Meet the Presenters

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Nicole Fisher, BS – AbbVie & Clinical misTrials Podcast

Nicole is a public health and research ethics professional with over 10 years’ experience implementing programs that address health inequity and clinical trial diversity. She serves on the board of directors for Heartland Alliance Health and hosts the true crime podcast, Clinical misTrials, exploring historical medical mistrust.