Recently Added sIRB Modules

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Three new modules for single Institution Review Board (sIRB) use and administration are now available for subscribing organizations and independent learners. They will be part of our Human Subjects Research (HSR) series and are available for no additional fee and can be added at any time by contacting

sIRB Use and Administration: When Relying on a sIRB​​​​

  • Explores key considerations when implementing sIRB relationships and what a participating site needs to do in preparation for relying on an external sIRB.
sIRB Use and Administration: When Serving as a sIRB​​​​
  • Discusses key elements and considerations for setting up an IRB to serve as a sIRB

sIRB Use and Administration: Authorization Agreements

  • Introduces best practices for drafting, reviewing, and implementing authorization agreements between the sIRB and participating sites in multi-site research.