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CITI Program Media Playlist – May 17, 2023

CITI Program’s media playlists highlight content curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming playlists and more information from CITI Program.



Research Integrity

Source: On Research Podcast with CITI Program – View more episodes


Research, Tech Ethics and AI Innovation with Bharat Krishna

Source: Trending in ED


Overview of Compliance Oversight Assessments with OHRP

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Live brain surgery: see how doctors are using A.I. in the O.R.

Source: NBC News


A closer look at the novel celestial events thrilling scientists this month

Source: PBS NewsHour


The Insane Biology of: Slime Mold

Source: Real Science


The Invisible Barrier Keeping Two Worlds Apart

Source: PBS Eons