Communicating Research Findings

This course focuses on effective practices, guidelines, and strategies for communicating and presenting research findings.

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About this Course

Researchers have a range of ethical obligations when designing and conducting their research activities.  These obligations also pertain to how researchers share their findings with others. This course covers two main topic areas in the realm of sharing research findings. The first module focuses on practices and guidelines for presenting research findings to other researchers. The second module focuses on strategies for more effectively communicating research to the public.

Language Availability: English, Spanish

Suggested Audiences: Individuals conducting research including students and faculty members

Organizational Subscription Price: Included in Responsible Conduct of Research series, available as part of an organizational subscription package or for $675 per year/per site as a subscription add-on for government and non-profit organizations; $750 per year/per site as a subscription add-on for for-profit organizations
Independent Learner Price: $29 per person

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Course Content

Communicating with the Public

Provides an in-depth discussion on communicating research results to the public, including approaches for making results more understandable to difference audiences.

Recommended Use: Required
ID (Language): 19270 (English), 20800 (Spanish), 21351 (French)
Author(s): Elizabeth Bass, MPH - Stony Brook University

Presentation of Research Findings

Discusses how to present research findings accurately for publication, including strategies for preparing figures, graphs, and digital images.

Recommended Use: Required
ID (Language): 19355 (English), 20801 (Spanish), 21352 (French)
Author(s): Christina N. Bennett, PhD - The American Psychological Society; Douglas Cromey, MS - University of Arizona

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