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CITI Program’s September 2022 Media Playlist – Part 1

CITI Program’s media playlists highlight content curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming playlists and more information from CITI Program.


Leading an Academic Department

Source: On Campus with CITI Program


Turns Out Fish Can Count

Source: SciShow


A step towards building artificial life

Source: New Scientist Weekly Podcast


The weirdest paradox in statistics (and machine learning)

Source: Mathemaniac


Could the Higgs Boson Lead Us to Dark Matter?

Source: PBS Space Time

  EPR podcast player image

Digital twins in R&D – Loredana Vagaggini, GSK

Source: European Pharmaceutical Review Podcast


Is a Clinical Research Study Right for Me?

Source: Genetech