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OCR Video Explains How the HIPAA Security Rule Can Help Defend Against Cyber-Attacks

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, OCR has unveiled a brand-new video this October designed specifically for organizations falling under the purview of HIPAA Rules. This video, available in both English and Spanish, explores how the HIPAA Security Rule can serve as a powerful defense against cyber-attacks.

Featuring insights drawn from OCR breach reports and investigations, this presentation aims to educate the healthcare industry on real-world cyber-attack trends. It explores the practical implementation of HIPAA Security Rule safeguards, shedding light on their role in detecting and mitigating common cyber threats. Topics covered encompass OCR breach and investigation trend analysis, common attack vectors, OCR investigations into weaknesses contributing to breaches, and the crucial role of Security Rule compliance in fortifying regulated entities against cyber-attacks.

HIPAA Training Options

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