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What CITI Program is Reading – January 31st, 2023

“What CITI Program is Reading” is our weekly blog series which highlights news articles curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming editions and more information from CITI Program.

nist risk management ai
NIST Risk Management Framework Aims to Improve Trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology New guidance seeks to cultivate trust in AI technologies and promote AI innovation while mitigating risk. Read The Full Article
faculty focus blended learning higher ed
Strategic Blended Learning in Higher Education Source: Faculty Focus What does the strategic combination of online and in-person (blended learning) instruction really look like in higher education? Read The Full Article
npr robot to argue in court
A robot was scheduled to argue in court, then came the jail threats Source: NPR The man behind a startup called DoNotPay planned to use AI to help fight a traffic ticket. But professional lawyers shut it down. Read The Full Article
lab manager monitoring of pathogens
Study Uncovers Widespread Unethical Practice for Assigning Authorships Source: Lab Manager The efficacy of monitoring air and wastewater for viruses and other pathogens during public health crises has been repeatedly demonstrated, and feasibility is greater than ever. Read The Full Article
science ethical review in media
From Halo to The Simpsons, would fictional mad scientists pass ethical review? Source: Science Members of research oversight committees put some of pop culture’s most infamous innovators under the microscope.

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electrek drive pilot
Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT becomes first Level 3 autonomous driving system to be certified for US roads Source: Electrek Mercedes-Benz may be celebrating on the casino floor in Las Vegas right now – it has announced its DRIVE PILOT. Read The Full Article
time quantum computing
Quantum Computers Could Solve Countless Problems—And Create a Lot of New Ones Source: TIME Quantum computing is the ‘next industrial revolution’, but it's also set to become a national-security headache. Read The Full Article
nature chatgpt tools
Tools such as ChatGPT threaten transparent science; here are our ground rules for their use Source: Nature As researchers dive into the brave new world of advanced AI chatbots, publishers need to acknowledge their legitimate uses and lay down clear guidelines to avoid abuse. Read The Full Article
mit als brain implant
An ALS patient set a record for communicating via a brain implant: 62 words per minute Source: MIT Technology Review Brain interfaces could let paralyzed people speak at almost normal speeds. Read The Full Article
gizmodo big data racism
The Feds Are Investigating How Big Data Hurts Marginalized Groups Source: Gizmodo The Commerce Department is inviting comments on how the problems of data harvesting worsen structural inequality. Read The Full Article
nature ip reproductive tech
Intellectual property and assisted reproductive technology Source: Nature Over the past fifty years, intellectual property has not played a major role in the spread of assisted reproductive technology, but with in vitro gametogenesis — a technique likely to dominate the future of reproduction — it might. Read The Full Article
mit catfish
These scientists used CRISPR to put an alligator gene into catfish Source: MIT Technology Review The resulting fish appear to be more resistant to disease and could improve commercial production—should they ever be approved. Read The Full Article