Animal Care and Use Content Update

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In December 2022, we announced that the Animal Care and Use (ACU) series will be reconfigured into two series on July 1, 2023. This reconfiguration will enable us to expand the ACU series with new content offerings in keeping with our commitment to provide peer-reviewed, expert-developed content to meet your organization’s training needs. It will also allow us to offer additional advanced ACU content for a single, bundled, add-on price.

You are receiving this follow-up notice because you are an ACU administrator or billing contact for an organization that subscribes to CITI Program’s ACU series. This notice serves as a reminder about this upcoming change, provides detailed information on the change, and outlines the next step for your organization to consider.

Information on the Change

An ACU subscription currently includes all ACU courses except IACUC Administration, IACUC Protocol Review, and Semiannual Evaluations In Depth. Those three courses are available for separate additional annual subscription fees.

Effective July 1, the ACU series will become ACU Core and ACU Advanced. Each series will contain the following courses:

  • ACU Core: Working with the IACUC, Working with the IACUC – Refresher, Essentials for IACUC Members, IACUC Member Refresher Case Studies, IACUC Community Member, Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats in Research, Wildlife Research, Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM), and all animal-specific courses (Amphibians, Cats, Cattle, Dogs, Ferrets, Fish, Genetically Modified Mice, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Horses, Mice, Non-Human Primates, Rabbits, Rats, Reptiles, Sheep and Goats, Swine, and Zebrafish)
  • ACU Advanced: IACUC Administration, IACUC Protocol Review, Semiannual Evaluations In Depth, IACUC Chair, and Institutional Official: Animal Care and Use

Given this change, your organization will need to subscribe to both series to provide learners with access to the respective courses. For example, if your organization utilizes the IACUC Chair and Institutional Official: Animal Care and Use courses, it will need to subscribe to ACU Advanced to continue offering the courses. However, with the ACU Advanced subscription, your organization would also have access to the IACUC Administration, IACUC Protocol Review, and Semiannual Evaluations In Depth courses, which were previously only available via additional annual subscriptions.

ACU Core and ACU Advanced will each be priced at $675 per year/per site for government and non-profit organizations and $750 per year/per site for for-profit organizations. ACU Core will continue to be part of the Research I base subscription. Either or both can also be part of a Make Your Own subscription or available as an add-on to other base subscriptions.

Unfortunately, given the global changes, we cannot make exceptions to these changes for any subscribing organizations.

How this Change Will Affect You

  • If your organization subscribes to the Research I base solution and does not use any ACU Advanced courses listed above, you will see no impact on your next invoice.
  • If your organization currently subscribes to the Research I base solution and any of the standalone ACU add-ons, you will automatically receive ACU Advanced for a single add-on fee. If your organization uses multiple add-on courses, your invoice price might be reduced going forward.
  • If your organization subscribes to the Research I base solution and uses IACUC Chair and/or Institutional Official: Animal Care and Use, you will see a single add-on fee added to your next invoice for the ACU Advanced courses unless you choose to discontinue using those courses. As a reminder, you would also gain access to all the ACU Advanced courses noted above for the single add-on fee.

Next Step

Your organization’s next renewal invoice will reflect these changes accordingly. We encourage you to review your organization’s existing ACU offerings. This will help you determine how the change may affect your organization’s subscription.