CITI Program Learners Can Now Associate ORCID iDs to Their Account Profiles

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What is an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD is a permanent numeric identifier that individuals own and control, which provides a way to distinguish themselves uniquely from other researchers and scholars. ORCID iDs are often used in systems and platforms from grant applications to manuscript submissions, and are increasingly required by funders, publishers, data repositories, and other research workflows. Read more about ORCID here.

How can I link my ORCID iD?

Connecting your ORCID iD provides step-by-step instructions for linking your ORCID iD record to your CITI Program account profile.

Can organizations add ORCID iDs to their reporting?

Yes, CITI Program subscribing organizations can include the ORCID iD in their AutoDownload service. Additionally, CITI Program account administrators can request to add the ORCID iD to their ad hoc reporting. This provides organizations with an additional way to confirm CITI Program course completions.