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The Online Ethics Center (OEC) Scholars, Educators and Administrators Fostering Research Integrity (SEAFRI) Community of Practice (CoP) was formed in 2021. The impetus for this CoP was to create a space for individuals interested in research integrity work to gather, network, and share and hopefully to learn from each other. The Fellow for this CoP is Dr. Julie Simpson  of University of New Hampshire.

The CoP’s key activities are virtual meetings and email communication. Approximately every other week, the Fellow sends via email to all members information about CoP activities, federal agency news, upcoming meetings and events, resources, and research integrity-related news. In 2023, there will be nine virtual one-hour meetings (none in July, August, and December). Meetings alternate between networking/discussions and presentations. Once you join the CoP, you will receive the Outlook invitations containing the Zoom link for each meeting, and the email.

To join the SEAFRI CoP:

  1. Join the OEC (it’s free!)
  2. After logging in to your OEC account, click “My Account” on the top right of the page (on desktop).
  3. On your account page, click “Join a Community of Practice.”
    1. From this page, you can join any CoP that is currently open (you must do this second step to the join a CoP).


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