July 2016 Newsletter

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We invite you to review our July 2016 newsletter. Topics include:

  • Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) Training
  • Useful CITI Features for Your Organization
  • Addressing Informed Consent Issues
  • The Biomedical Research Alliance of New York (BRANY) Acquires the CITI Program
  • New modules
    • Biosafety and Biosecurity (BSS)
      • USDA Permits: Plant Pest
      • USDA Permits: Soil
      • USDA Permits: Veterinary Services (VS)
    • Human Subjects Research (HSR)
      • Consent and Biobanks and Associated Databases
      • Consent and Cultural Competence
      • Consent and Subject Recruitment Challenges: Therapeutic Misconception (TM)
      • Consent With Subjects Who Do Not Speak English
  • New courses
    • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
      • GCP FDA Refresher
      • GCP Device Refresher
  • New series
    • Clinical Trial Billing Compliance (CTBC)
    • Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC)
  • International
    • TransCelerate Mutually Recognized GCP Training – Portuguese and Spanish Translations Available
  • Additional Resources
    • Staying Current with NIH Single IRB (sIRB) Policy: Use of a sIRB for Multi-Site Research
  • A Look Back: 2016 OHRP Research Community Forum