New Course – Laboratory Decontamination Methods

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This video-based course provides laboratory personnel with information that enables them to safely perform decontamination activities involving laboratory materials. The course primarily focuses on moist and dry heat systems, including the basic operational elements, safe work practices, appropriate processing of materials, and available monitoring methods. The course also introduces the common types of chemicals used for decontamination, the variation of resistance of organisms to chemical disinfectants, and the variables that impact the effectiveness of chemical disinfectants.



Laboratory Personnel


Meet the Author

Ed Krisiunas, MLS (ASCP), MPH – WNWN International, Inc.

Consultant in the field of biosafety, infection prevention, and healthcare waste management with more than 36 years of experience in these fields. Ed began his career as a Medical Technologist in 1982 and has now worked in over 60 countries sharing his experiences with those working in the healthcare field.