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This course prepares individuals across disciplines to engage with the scholarly publication process in an intentional and informed way. It explains the core elements of scholarly publication and how to navigate the publication and writing processes in ways that reflect a current understanding of issues that arise for researchers and writers across disciplines. As such, the course acts as a preparation to writing and publishing, helping writers build awareness of how to make the process personally meaningful, engaging, and impactful.



Faculty, Higher Education Administrators, Institutional Research Officials, Postdoctoral Researchers, Research Administrators, Researchers, Students


Meet the Authors

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Shannon Madden, PhD

Shannon Madden holds a PhD in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy from the University of Oklahoma. Her published research addresses access, equity, and inclusion, with particular attention to how universities can improve educational experiences for students and scholars from historically marginalized groups.


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Michele Eodice, PhD

Michele Eodice is the Senior Writing Fellow in the Center for Faculty Excellence at the University of Oklahoma. Her work focuses on faculty and graduate student writing support and she studies undergraduate student writing experiences through the Meaningful Writing Project.