New Webinar – CRA Soft Skills, Time Management, and Effective Site Relationships

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The job of a clinical research associate (CRA) involves managing the relationships they have with sites and sponsors. As a result, it is critical that CRAs possess polished soft skills including time management, prioritization, communication and working with others, and responding to pressure. This webinar explores the different CRA soft skills, and why they are so important in clinical research. In addition, learners gain tips for managing their time, improving site and sponsor relationships, meeting CRA deliverables, and adapting to ever-changing environments.


Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Clinical Research Coordinators, Clinical Research Professionals, Clinical Site Staff, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Principal Investigators (PIs), Research Administrators, Sponsors

Meet the Presenter

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Elizabeth Waddell, BS, CCRA – The CRA Helper

Elizabeth Waddell is a Certified Clinical Research Associate with over 20 years of clinical research experience. This experience was obtained primarily in a CRO environment monitoring Phase III and IV clinical trials. After 14 years of monitoring, she later transitioned from a Senior CRA role to training and managing new CRAs.