New Webinar – From Protocol to Manual of Procedures (MOP)

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A manual of procedures (MOP) can play an important role in the conduct of a clinical trial. Unlike a protocol, which can leave out the prescriptive steps necessary to carry out its instructions, a MOP is a compilation of specifications for clinical trial staff to follow to ensure that a protocol is executed faithfully. While a MOP is not a requirement for conducting a clinical trial, it can serve as a useful supplement to a site’s standard operating procedures and supporting manuals. This webinar explains the benefits of MOPs, how to construct them, their key components, and when best to employ them.



Clinical Research Coordinators, Faculty, Principal Investigators, Research Administrators, Sponsors, Students


Meet the Presenter

Michell Mack, PhD – Duke University School of Medicine

Michelle Mack is currently serves as an Associate Director for Clinical Research within the Duke Office of Clinical Research, and works with Investigators in the Duke University School of Medicine to develop and manage their research initiatives.