New Webinar – Introduction to Meta-Analyses

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Meta-analyses represent one of the highest standards of scientific evidence and can have significant impacts in various fields or therapeutic areas. This webinar provides a general overview of the methods and analytic techniques used in meta-analyses. Literature search strategies, inclusion criteria, and data extraction approaches are discussed first. This is followed by explanations of how between-study differences and publication bias are quantified. Examples from published meta-analyses are used to demonstrate the various elements covered in the webinar.



Postdocs, Researchers, Students


Meet the Presenter

Michael Malek-Ahmadi, PhD – Banner Alzheimer’s Institute; University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

Mike Malek-Ahmadi is a Bioinformatics Scientist at the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. His current work focuses on identifying and characterizing pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease using clinical, cognitive, neuroimaging, and neuropathological data.