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Regulatory professionals can exercise agency in their own personal and professional development. This webinar reviews key areas IRB administrators should focus on for professional development and to prepare themselves for leadership positions in HRPPs and IRB offices. The presenter reviews skills that IRB admins can develop and refine to go from entry level IRB staff to a more senior position, including developing a personal plan and identifying areas for growth. The presenter also discusses how to use self-advocacy practices to grow and develop professionally.


Learning Objectives

  • Develop a professional development plan to advance your career.
  • Discuss key areas where you can develop yourself as an IRB professional based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use self-advocacy to advance your career.
  • Identify ways you can show leadership in your current position.
  • Discuss the importance of networking as it relates to professional development in this field.



IRB Administrators


Meet the Speaker

Margaret Rankovic, MEd, CIP – CITI Program

Margaret Rankovic is Associate Director for Content and Education. She is the lead developer for educational content in human subjects research, IRB administration, GCP, and more. Ms. Rankovic received her BA and MEd in research, statistics, and evaluation from the University of Virginia and is also a certified IRB professional.