New Webinar – Noncompliance and the IACUC: Basic Approaches for Success

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The IACUC is charged with ensuring humane and judicious use of animals in research, teaching, and testing in a way that both meets the expectations of regulatory and accrediting agencies and does not impede scientific inquiry. Though most IACUCs have developed policies and procedures to facilitate that goal, instances of noncompliance arise. This webinar explores various types of common noncompliance, typical root causes of noncompliance, impacts of noncompliance, and possible approaches to instances of noncompliance. Several case studies will be used to support these basic principles.


IACUC Chairs, IACUC Members, Investigators, Research Assistants, Researchers, Students

Meet the Presenter

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Mark Suckow, DVM, DACLAM – University of Kentucky

Mark Suckow DVM, DACLAM has over 30 years of experience in research and IACUC operations. He has served as an IACUC member and as consultant to multiple academic and commercial institutions. In addition, he is a Past President of AALAS and serves on the Council on Accreditation of AAALAC, International.