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Race is embedded in how we are trained to practice medicine. How we define it, who defines it, and how such emphasis affects clinical decision making is changing how we practice medicine. But clinical practice starts with evidence derived from research. This webinar explores how the concept of race is used in clinical research, and the ethical and regulatory questions we need to confront.


Learning Objectives

  • Explain why race should not be used as a proxy for biology in clinical research.
  • Apply the lessons of BiDil to studies that come to IRBs.
  • Trace the root causes of stark health disparities along racial lines: sociocultural forces, structural issues, and trauma.



Clinical Investigators, Faculty, IRB Administrators, IRB Members, IRB Chairs, Students


Meet the Presenter

Nicolle Strand, JD, MBE – Temple University
Nicolle K. Strand, JD, MBE, is Assistant Director for Research at the Center for Urban Bioethics (CUB), as well as Assistant Professor. Prof. Strand’s current interests are in structural determinants of health, racism, health equity, advocacy, and culture change.