New Webinar – Sustainable Science: How to Make Research Labs Greener

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Laboratories have a significant environmental footprint: from energy consumption to water usage to waste generated, laboratories are inherently wasteful. This is just an assumed “cost” of conducting research, but why are labs so resource intensive? Labs are resource intensive because of the vast equipment they use and the need for sterility. Despite this being required, labs can take steps to mitigate their respective environmental impact. Most of these steps are behavioral changes and can have positive compounding effects.

This webinar discusses the environmental impact of research in the United States, how to mitigate the environmental impact of research operations, and ways to involve key stakeholders in mitigating the environmental impact of research operations.



Biosafety/Biosecurity Professionals, Institutional/Signatory Officials, Key Study Personnel, Postdocs, Research Administrators, Researchers, Students


Meet the Presenter

Nicholas Ciancio, BS, MPA/MPH – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Nick Ciancio is the sustainability coordinator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Nick has worked at UAB since 2015, where he started the green labs program. Nick currently works to reduce electricity consumption, waste generation, and water usage across research buildings campus-wide.