On Campus Podcast Season 1 – Episode 7

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Season 1 – Episode 7: Anticipated Changes to Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that was part of the Education Amendments of 1972. While Title IX is centered around prohibiting sex-based discrimination at educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance, it has undergone many regulatory changes throughout the years. In 2020, the Trump administration made a rule change to Title IX, which brought changes to the enforcement of Title IX at higher education institutions. It is widely anticipated that the Biden-Harris administration will announce proposed rule changes to Title IX in 2022. Amber Grove discusses the importance of Title IX and what a proposed change to Title IX from the Biden-Harris administration might look like in 2022.


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Meet the Guest

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Amber Grove, Esq – University of North Carolina Wilmington

Amber Grove is an adjunct faculty member and the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and has served in that role since January 2016. She is a licensed attorney in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.


Meet the Host

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Darren Gaddis, Assistant Director for Content and Education – CITI Program

He is the program manager and lead developer for educational content for higher education and research methodology at CITI Program. Mr. Gaddis received his BA from University of North Florida, MA from The George Washington University, and is currently a doctoral student at Florida State University.