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CITI Program’s January 2023 Media Playlist – Part 2

CITI Program’s media playlists highlight content curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming playlists and more information from CITI Program.


Premier Episode of On Research Podcast – What is a Clinical Research Associate?

Source: On Research with CITI Program – View more episodes


The Future of Particle Accelerators Looks Wild

Source: SciSchow


What If The Universe Is Math?

Source: PBS Space Time


When Our Culture Changed Our DNA

Source: PBS Eons


Nuclear Fusion: Inside the breakthrough that could change our world

Source: 60 Minutes


How High-Tech Lobster Traps Could Help Save Whales | Tech News Briefing Podcast

Source: Wall Street Journal


How an atmospheric river works

Source: Washington Post


The World Ahead 2023: five stories to watch out for

Source: The Economist


Neuroscientist Answers Illusion Questions From Twitter | Tech Support

Source: Wired