Alcohol Use 101

This course discusses alcohol use, with particular emphasis on use by college students and important health information related to alcohol use.

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About this Course

This course provides learners with an introduction to alcohol use with important considerations for different members of the campus community and a discussion of the direct and indirect consequences of drinking.

Language Availability: English

Suggested Audiences: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Organizational Subscription Price: Included with Campus Health and Wellness series, available as part of an organizational subscription package or for $675 per year/per site as a subscription add-on for government and non-profit organizations; $750 per year/per site as a subscription add-on for for-profit organizations
Independent Learner Price: N/A

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Course Content

Alcohol Use 101

In this course, students review key terminology related to alcohol use and gain an appreciation for alcohol use in college. A discussion on how alcohol use differs among different genders, sexual orientations, and race/ethnic groups. The module ends with a review of the consequences of alcohol use as well as resources for students related to alcohol use.

Recommended Use: Required
ID (Language): 20820 (English)
Author(s): David Zelaya, PhD - Brown University School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School

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