New Course – Data Management for SBE Research

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This course aims to introduce members of the IRB community and SBE researchers to key aspects of data management. The course provides insights on both practical and ethical issues related to managing data generated through human subjects research and uses examples to explain and illustrate core concepts.

It is intended to help researchers develop and enhance their research data management skills, so they can both use the data that they generate productively for their own work, and potentially enable other scholars do the same as secondary users of the same data.

The course authors present strategies to plan for data management, including developing a data management plan. Further, they consider how to gauge and assess when data may be sensitive and when to apply additional protections and safeguards.



IRB Members, SBE Researchers, Students


Meet the Authors

Dessi Kirilova, MA – Qualitative Data Repository

Dessi Kirilova is the senior curation specialist at the Qualitative Data Repository (QDR). In addition to assisting researchers planning to publish their social science data, she teaches and publishes on topics around research transparency, data curation and the ethics of data sharing, including the role of IRBs.

Diana Kapiszewski, PhDGeorgetown University and Qualitative Data Repository

Diana Kapiszewski is Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor of Government at Georgetown University as well as Senior Research Associate with the Qualitative Data Repository. Her research focuses on research methods, transparency, and ethics; as well as comparative politics. She has published widely on techniques for generating and sharing qualitative data.