New Webinar – Disaster Response and Research Reactivation Efforts

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This webinar discusses an institutional response to COVID-19 and lessons learned to highlight the importance of using experiences to improve disaster response and human subjects research reactivation. It demonstrates how institutions can use a phased approach to ramping up research that delineates clear and comprehensible requirements for all researchers, while providing individualized support and opportunities to tailor the approach. It also describes ways that you can learn from past experiences and improve your institution’s future disaster response, human subjects research reactivation, and business continuity approaches.



Clinical Research Coordinators, Institutional/Signatory Officials, IRB Administrators, IRB Members, Research Administrators, Researchers, Students


Meet the Presenter

Myra Luna-Lucero, EdD – Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Myra Luna-Lucero is the Research Compliance Director at Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition to supporting researchers, she has recently launched an ethics internship program and an extensive transformation of the College’s IRB website. She regularly offers seminars and workshops on research compliance and IRB leadership.