New Webinar – Process Improvement and Research Administration

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This webinar describes how to apply the Lean Six Sigma principles to research administration process improvements. It defines Lean Six Sigma, provides a comprehensive review of the phases of Lean Six Sigma and the related tools, walks you through a case study of research administration improvement, and offers guidance on how to get started with your next process improvement initiative.



Research Administrators


Meet the Presenter

Content Contributor karin scarpinato

Karin Scarpinato, PhD – Kennesaw State University

Karin Scarpinato started her career as a funded biomedical researcher before moving into research administration. She has worked in several administrative positions at diverse types of institutions, from very high research to doctoral universities. Her areas of expertise are operational aspects in leadership and a multitude of related projects.

Content Contributor inger garnett

Inger Garnett, MSPH, LSSBB – Emory University

Inger Jackson Garnett is a skilled leader of quality and improvement. She currently serves as the Director of Strategic Operations for the Office of Research Administration at Emory University.