New Course – Essentials of Clinical Trial Budgets

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This in-depth course provides practical knowledge on how to develop, negotiate, and implement a clinical trial budget from the perspective of the clinical site. It details what goes into budget planning and reviews criteria for measuring direct and indirect costs. The course outlines how to assess clinical trial feasibility and calculate procedural costs, while offering a primer on negotiating study budgets in ways that produce fair and mutually acceptable outcomes.



Academic and Private Research Clinics, Budget Professionals, Clinical Research Coordinators, Faculty, Investigators, Research Administrators


Meet the Author

Christina Brennan, MD, MBA – Northwell Health

Christina Brennan, MD has devoted her career to clinical research and currently serves as Northwell Health’s senior vice president of clinical research. Committed to the advancement of science and medicine, Dr. Brennan has more than 22 years of extensive clinical research experience, including over 18 years in clinical research management roles.