New Webinar – From Cancer to COVID-19, Does Science Self-Correct?

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Rapid publication of results — particularly on preprint servers — has grown dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and has forced researchers, health care professionals, and journalists to grapple with the concept of reliable and actionable information. The pandemic has given rise to more than 200 retractions at the time of this webinar. But are things really different today? Learn from more than a decade of reporting on retractions for Retraction Watch, including creating the world’s most comprehensive database of retractions, with more than 34,000 and counting.



Clinical Investigators, Faculty, IACUC Administrators, IBC Administrators, IRB Administrators, Researchers, Staff, Students


Meet the Presenter

Ivan Oransky, MD – Retraction Watch
Ivan Oransky is co-founder of Retraction Watch, editor in chief of Spectrum, and distinguished writer in residence at New York University’s Arthur Carter Journalism Institute. Ivan previously was president of the Association of Health Care Journalists. He has also held editorial leadership positions at Medscape, Scientific American and The Scientist.