New Webinar – Tips for Research Administrators: Working with Faculty and Research Teams

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Communication and other challenges between research administrators, faculty members, and research teams can exist based on differences in experience, roles and tasks, and priorities.

In this webinar, you will gain insight on how to create and integrate a productive research culture within an organization, connect with and support faculty during the onboarding process, support faculty success through networking events and proposal preparation, and work with large research teams.



Faculty and Post-Docs, Research Administrators, Research Staff, Researchers


Meet the Presenters

Karin Scarpinato, PhD – Research Ingenuity, LLC
Karin started her career as a funded biomedical researcher before moving into research administration. She has worked in several administrative positions at diverse types of institutions, from very high research to doctoral universities. Her areas of expertise are operational aspects in leadership and a multitude of related projects.

Jeanne Viviani, MPA – Research Ingenuity, LLC
Jeanne Viviani, MPA founded and managed two sponsored research offices including development programs, pre-award, compliance, research accounting, project close-out and outreach to the community. Throughout her career, she has executed a variety of high-impact trainings and programs to increase grant applications and awards at all the institutions she has served.