On Campus Podcast Season 1 – Episode 10

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Season 1 – Episode 10: Clery Act and Student Advocacy

As a consumer protection law, which aims to provide transparency around campus safety and security, the Clery Act provides students and parents with information ranging from how to file a report, disciplinary procedures, to crime statistics at a higher education institution. Lorna Fink, an experienced education administrator and consultant, discusses student advocacy for protected rights and campus community engagement through ongoing awareness and prevention programs.


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Meet the Guest

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Lorna Fink, JD – Higher Education Consultant

Lorna Fink is an experienced education administrator and consultant focused on providing solutions to compliance, risk management, and equity challenges. She is the Founder of the Independent Colleges and Universities Compliance and Ethics Consortium, a speaker with Academic Impressions, and previously the University Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator at Lynn University.

Meet the Host

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Darren Gaddis, Assistant Director for Content and Education – CITI Program

He is the program manager and lead developer for educational content for higher education and research methodology at CITI Program. Mr. Gaddis received his BA from University of North Florida, MA from The George Washington University, and is currently a doctoral student at Florida State University.