The first module, COVID-19: An Introduction (ID:20080), in our complimentary COVID-19: Back to Campus course now includes an additional video lecture, entitled “2021 Update.” In this approximately ten-minute presentation, Dr. Wilbur H. Chen from the University of Maryland School of Medicine speaks to new developments since his original COVID-19 presentation was recorded last year.

The 2021 update provides an overview of the new variant viruses as well as the current state of vaccine development. This update is important because the virus continues to spread and affect campuses. The video is designed to supplement the original presentation included in this module.

The 2021 Update covers the following:

Variant Viruses

  • Explains what variant viruses are
  • Discusses where the three new variants (U.K, South Africa, and Brazil) originated and what is different about them from the original virus
  • Identifies where the variants are currently being found
  • Describes what do we know about these variant viruses and what it may mean for public health, disease severity, vaccine efficacy, and diagnostic test validity

Vaccine Development

Further, Dr. Chen discusses the current state of vaccine research. He describes the main current vaccine candidates in the U.S. that are in the research pipeline, and identifies which have been approved for emergency use authorization in the U.S. He discusses the phased implementation strategy for vaccinating the population and challenges with it. Dr. Chen then reviews vaccine policy considerations (such as limitations in supply, national guidelines versus local jurisdictional flexibilities, and importance of ethical principles).

Campus-wide Measures

The conclusion of the presentation is campus-wide measures that can ensure safety. Such things as isolation, quarantine, physical distancing, hygiene practices, and masking can be used to slow the spread of COVID-19 across campuses.

Where to Find the Update

This new video can be found in the module, following the first video. The screenshot below shows where the 2021 update is located (circled in red) within the module. Learners who completed the module previously can return to this module (COVID-19: An Introduction (ID:20080) and have access to this update.

Screenshot of where to find 2021 update

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