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What CITI Program is Reading – September 20, 2023

“What CITI Program is Reading” is our biweekly blog series which highlights news articles curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming editions and more information from CITI Program.

magnified flu cells
NIH clinical trial of universal flu vaccine candidate begins Source: National Institutes of Health Vaccine targets six flu strains. Read The Full Article
woman administering vaccine
FDA approves updated Covid vaccines Source: STAT News The FDA announced Monday that it had greenlit two updated Covid-19 booster shots in people as young as six months old. Read The Full Article
document closeup
Is Being Competent And Qualified The Same Thing In The GCP World? Source: Clinical Leader When it comes to Good Clinical Practice principles, the mention of "competence" is underwhelming. Yet, there is plenty of talk about education, training, and experience. Is "competent" and "qualified" synonymous? Read The Full Article
university facade
How Higher Education Institutions In America Can Adapt To Today's Challenges Source: Forbes Many colleges might be ill-prepared for these new realities, but there are some immediate steps they can take. Read The Full Article
graphic of scuba divers shining spotlights
Scientific retractions may become easier to spot as Retraction Watch finds new partner Source: Science Five-year deal will share journal watchdog’s widely used database with Crossref in return for stable funding. Read The Full Article
joe biden at presidential podium
What to make of Biden’s latest Cancer Moonshot efforts Source: STAT News President Biden’s latest Cancer Moonshot efforts are inspiring hope among cancer researchers, but not everyone is impressed.

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photo of chinese website
China fines academic research database owner CNKI US$6.9 million for illegal data handling a year after initiating probe Source: South China Morning Post CNKI was found to have collected user data without consent, including non-essential personal data, adding to a US$12.6 million antitrust fine last year. Read The Full Article
article image
Animal Welfare Noncompliance: Data and Process Source: NIH Extramural Nexus As part of proper stewardship of taxpayer funds, we at NIH are obligated, both legally and ethically, to ensure the welfare and reduce risks for those involved in our supported research activities. Read The Full Article
hi tech wired brain
AI In Clinical Research: Now And Beyond Source: Forbes The use of AI in clinical research is progressing and will improve the way drugs are tested

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