evelyn r

Evelyn R.

PhD Candidate

I liked the option to have it on the standard reading mode or the video presentation.

Course Taken
tony p

Tony P.

English Language Arts Teacher

I liked how user-friendly the course modules were.

Course Taken
emma m

Emma M.


This was one of the best courses I have taken due to the easy reading and watching of videos that prepare you for the quizzes.

Course Taken
monica l

Monica L.

Clinical Research Assistant

Courses are great and very informative.

Course Taken
adebukunola a

Adebukunola A.

Clinical Nurse Specialist and Instructor

Very user-friendly

Course Taken
myrene m

Myrene M.

Associate Faculty

The course materials are brief and clear. Such brevity and clarity are perfect for those who are busy with other duties at work and provide for a more friendly and less overwhelming task. I love the quizzes because I can learn from my mistakes. After submitting the quiz, the correct and wrong answers are explained. This reinforces learning.

Course Taken
armando t

Armando T.

Adjunct Faculty

The methodology, presentation of the topics, and language used were very pleasant. You do not get bored or annoyed, because the development is very dynamic and understandable.

Course Taken
taiwo o

Taiwo O.

Visiting Scholar

I like the option to use an interactive audio-visual format, the comprehensiveness of the course and its modules, and the simple explanations of the legal requirements. Completing CITI Program’s course on social and behavioral research was an important and enriching component of my research endeavors and scholarship in the United States.

Course Taken
gowramma ip

Gowramma I.P.

Professor of Education

The detailed content and clarity, with examples and case studies, are what I liked best. The ability to switch between reading and A/V modes when required was also useful.

Course Taken
tiina m

Tiina M

PhD Student

The course was short and well divided into sub-themes that were easy to understand and retain.

Course Taken
althea s

Althea S.

PhD Student

The modules about the laws that explain protected populations were very informative. I also appreciated the section on safeguards put in place to protect subjects participating in studies.

Course Taken
julie s

Julie S.

Assistant Professor & Postdoctoral Research Fellow

These courses were easy to access and succinct, which made a review of the Belmont Report key tenets, as well as the review of differences between practice and research, a focused and time efficient endeavor.

Course Taken
princess m

Princess M.

PhD Student

The availability of two different platforms to deliver the information – written and audio-visual – catering to different learning styles was helpful. I also appreciated the self-paced modules that allowed you to return to complete unfinished work.

Course Taken
timothy f

Timothy F.

PhD Candidate

The course was very informative and detailed. I also appreciated the case studies to assist in understanding how these concepts are applicable.

Course Taken
shamsul q

Shamsul Q.

Head of Department of Pathology/Microbiology

Excellent course. I enjoyed it fully and increased my level of knowledge in specific scenarios.

Course Taken
tonya w

Tonya W.

Middle School Related Arts Teacher

I liked the video case studies the best. They made the provided information more personable and helped course sections make more sense.

Course Taken
james b

James B.

Medical Doctor, Health Coach

I liked how the material was posted with big words, spaced, and simple English. The adverse drug event and monitoring sections were very informative.

Course Taken
charlotte h

Charlotte H.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

The infographics helped a lot with summarizing the overall concepts and main points.

Course Taken
folaasade a

Folasade A.


I like the opportunity to be able to read/review CITI study notes at any time.

Course Taken
motunrayo o

Motunrayo O.


Very educative course. It was insightful and informative. I learned and relearned a lot.

Course Taken
vincent v

Vincent V.

Assistant Professor of Practice

Great in-depth content and relevant case studies.

Course Taken
karla l

Karla L.

Doctoral Student / Alumni Engagement Manager

Course was easy to navigate and very informative.

Course Taken
sarah r

Sarah R.

Research Assistant/Doctoral Student

I enjoyed the innovative topics offered. Equally, it helps us individuals dedicated to research comply with ethical concepts.

Course Taken
tracy n

Tracy N.

Research Communications Consultant

The audio-visual style of the course was great. The voice reading, pictures, and graphical arrangement worked so well for me.

Course Taken