julie s

Julie S.

Assistant Professor & Postdoctoral Research Fellow

These courses were easy to access and succinct, which made a review of the Belmont Report key tenets, as well as the review of differences between practice and research, a focused and time efficient endeavor.

Course Taken
myrene m

Myrene M.

Associate Faculty

The course materials are brief and clear. Such brevity and clarity are perfect for those who are busy with other duties at work and provide for a more friendly and less overwhelming task. I love the quizzes because I can learn from my mistakes. After submitting the quiz, the correct and wrong answers are explained. This reinforces learning.

Course Taken
folaasade a

Folasade A.


I like the opportunity to be able to read/review CITI study notes at any time.

Course Taken
motunrayo o

Motunrayo O.


Very educative course. It was insightful and informative. I learned and relearned a lot.

Course Taken
vincent v

Vincent V.

Assistant Professor of Practice

Great in-depth content and relevant case studies.

Course Taken
karla l

Karla L.

Doctoral Student / Alumni Engagement Manager

Course was easy to navigate and very informative.

Course Taken
sarah r

Sarah R.

Research Assistant/Doctoral Student

I enjoyed the innovative topics offered. Equally, it helps us individuals dedicated to research comply with ethical concepts.

Course Taken
tracy n

Tracy N.

Research Communications Consultant

The audio-visual style of the course was great. The voice reading, pictures, and graphical arrangement worked so well for me.

Course Taken
wilson t

Wilson T.

Research Assistant

The RCR Basic course is explicitly explained and easy to understand.

Course Taken
gustavo a

Gustavo A.

Regional Program Director

I learned the basic concepts of good clinical practice. I knew some concepts from my previous experience with randomized clinical trials, but I never had the opportunity to take a specific course.

Course Taken
pauline p

Pauline P.

Research Assistant

I liked that the learning modules were concise and comprehensible, and that there were audio-visual options to choose from. The format of short quizzes following each module made me feel accomplished and it encouraged me to continue through the course.

Course Taken
stacy g

Stacy G.

Physical Therapist

The course summarizes the info and highlights important parts. The quiz questions mimicked real world scenarios.

Course Taken
felix n

Felix N.

Regional Advisor

I learned about protections not only for participants, but for researchers.

rachel c

Rachel C

Laboratory Executive

This course touches on realistic examples that may potentially occur in the research field. Undergoing this course allows us to have a better idea of the regulations and regulatory bodies involved in research.

Course Taken
john paul o

John Paul O.


The information is really detailed and beneficial.

Course Taken
vicki s

Vicki S.

Gerontology Specialist

Excellent information in all of the modules. Some information was relatively new to me, and other information reinforced knowledge I already had. I liked the variety of techniques used, and especially, in most of the modules, they started with videos setting the stage for what was to come. Actually, I felt that this was one of the best learning experiences I have had via a written internet course. I also liked that different voices were used in the modules.

Course Taken
lohurens m

Lohurens M.


Course Taken
ernest a

Ernest A.

Doctoral Graduate Assistant

I enjoyed the clarity of expression and the detailing of information in the course best. I also enjoyed the end of module quizzes.

Course Taken
amy j

Amy J.

Registered Nurse

The course was very interesting and informative. I learned a lot of information that I did not know.

Course Taken

Kenechukwu N.

Medical Doctor

The basic repetition of core concepts made it easier to assimilate them all.

Course Taken
supriya s

Supriya S.

Electrical Engineer and Graduate Student

The content was very well drafted and the videos were on point. I don’t think the course was missing anything. 5 stars!

Course Taken
christian o

Christian O.

Veterinary Epidemiologist

I liked the fact that links were provided for further reading.

Course Taken
cynthia w

Cynthia W.

Telecom Specialist

I liked the historical context of ethical research and description of the IRB process.

Course Taken
rebecca m

Rebecca M.

Research Program Director

The site is immensely improved over when I first used it around 2008. You’ve done a great job of making it easier to navigate and of creating really useful quiz questions. I think the scenarios do a very good job of establishing whether people really understand how to apply the information.

Course Taken