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New Course - Teaching and Training for Professionals

New Modules: Ethical and Regulatory Approaches to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Subjects Research

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New Course - Technology Transfer

New Course - Conflict Management

New Course - Undue Foreign Influence: Risks and Mitigations

We've Upgraded Our Public Website!

CITI Program extends the availability of COVID-19: Back to Campus Course

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New Course - Technology, Ethics, and Regulations

CITI Program, in Collaboration with Consortium, Launches Free Online Course - COVID-19: Back to Campus

New Course - GDPR for Research and Higher Ed

New Webinar - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Subject Protections

New Course - FDA Inspections: From Site Preparation to Response

New Webinar - Health Disparities: Promoting Equity and Diversity in Clinical Research

New Complimentary Course - COVID-19: Back to Campus (Fall 2020)

New Course - False Claims Act: A Primer and Guide for Research Organizations

We Are Excited to Launch our Updated RCR Videos

New Webinar: Understanding Consent Requirements and “Key Information” Under the Revised Rule

Newly Updated RCR Case Videos

Content Updated to Include NIH and FDA Guidance for Research Affected by COVID-19

New Webinar Available: Medical Marijuana: A Budding Field of Research

Changes to the ITAR and Updated CITI Program Modules

New Module: Ethical and Appropriate Uses of Administrative Data for Research and Evaluation

New Webinar Available: Running a Virtual IRB Meeting

Our Most Heartfelt Condolences

Free Live Webinar - Running a Virtual IRB Meeting

Two New Revised Common Rule Webinars Available: Revisions to Definitions and Revisions to Informed Consent

Laboratory Chemical Safety Available in Audio-Visual Format

New Webinar Available: Building a Compliance Program – Tips for Investigators and Institutions

New Course Available: Compensation Reporting (Effort Reporting)