New Webinar – New Data Sharing Requirements for NIH-Funded Research

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) new Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP) went into effect January 25th, 2023. This policy establishes additional data sharing requirements for all data-generating NIH grants. In this webinar, we describe key requirements in the NIH DMSP. We define components of a data management and sharing plan, and favorable characteristics for data repositories used to share data that is eligible for sharing. Finally, we point to key resources that can be used to determine grant eligibility and pathways to compliance with the new requirements.



IRB Administrators, IRB Chairs, IRB Directors, Researchers


Meet the Presenter

Ibraheem Ali, PhD – University of California, Los Angeles

Ibraheem is a program manager for research informatics for the UCLA Health System. At UCLA, Ibraheem supports the creation of educational resources focused on research data services infrastructure and offers support for biomedical researchers in data management, research reproducibility and computational infrastructure.