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Faster COVID-19 Protocols with Protocol Builder

Easy protocol writing and collaboration. Decreased IRB pre-review time. Protocol Builder is an online protocol writing and collaboration platform that provides comprehensive tools to ensure 100% protocol completeness and get research studies started more rapidly.

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New Webinar - Importance of Peer Review and Data Validation in Research

Reviews common types of social media research recruitment practices, what recruitment using social media looks like, and strategies for using them.

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FDA Issues Guidance For Clinical Research Using Cannabis

The FDA has issued guidance detailing the FDA’s current thinking on clinical research with cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds. It includes quality considerations, reviews key FDA regulatory concepts, and provides recommendations related to cannabis sources and THC percentage calculation. See the full guidance for more details: Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research CITI […]

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9-12 August 2020 - NCURA 62nd Annual Meeting of the Membership

This conference has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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