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The webinar library is the newest addition to CITI Program's offerings.






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About the Webinars

Throughout the year, CITI Program will continue to expand its webinar offerings. The webinars will reflect topics that are important to our subscribing organizations as well as independent learners, with topics coming from the range of CITI Program’s catalog of courses.

Language Availability: English

Suggested Audiences: Compliance Professionals, Privacy Officers, HRPP Staff, Research Administrators, IRB Members, Billing/Coding Staff, Department Administrators, Faculty, Institutional Officials, Researchers, Registration Staff, Research Staff, Sponsors, Students

Webinar Recordings

New Content Webinars

GDPR & Human Subject Research in the U.S.

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New Content Webinars

The Challenge of Medicare Advantage Plans and Local Coverage Determinations

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Are webinars available as part of an organizational subscription?

No, webinars are not part of an organizational subscription. However, an organization can purchase webinar subscriptions.

Can I download the slides?

Yes, after you purchase the webinar recording, you will have access to the webinar’s contents including to the handout of the slides that can be used to follow along or take notes as you watch the recording.

I registered for a webinar, but was not able to attend. Can I access the recording for free?

If you were not able to attend the webinar, you may purchase the recording as an independent learner. Each individual webinar will have a "Buy Now" link on its catalog page.

How do I find out about future, live webinars?

CITI Program will send notification of upcoming webinar registrations to organizational administrators, previous webinar attendees, and all learners who have completed a related course in the previous year. If you would like to receive registration notifications, please contact us to be added to the webinar mailing list.